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One of my toughest jobs as a publicist is to explain the difference between the business/sales calendar and a publicity calendar. Understanding the publicity calendar can have a significant effect on your business.

Publicity Calendar

While businesses sometimes wait until the last minute to implement sales strategies, the media often has longer lead times to create editorial. How do you avoid missing opportunities for press coverage? The answer is simple: Create and follow a Publicity Calendar. A standard publicity calendar will help you determine, by month and quarter, when you need to pitch the media, taking into account the lead times for various types of media, as well as seasonal and holiday coverage throughout the year. Submitting pitches to meet editorial lead times is critical. You might be surprised to learn the lead times of the media:

  • Websites, Blogs, TV, Radio – 1 Month
  • Newspapers – 2 Months
  • Weekly Magazines – 3-4 Months
  • Monthly Magazines – 5-6 Months

These lead times mean that you may be submitting up to four different types of pitches each month, depending on the type of media coverage you’re interested in.

Sample Publicity Calendar


If you don’t want to miss opportunities, follow a Publicity Calendar. You can download a free sample Publicity Calendar, and get our award-winning P.R. Tips and Special Offers. Just fill out the info here:


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